Middle ear implant – Vibrant sound bridge

A middle ear implant is a surgically implanted hearing aid that is fast emerging as a proven alternative to conventional hearing aids. It is usually considered for patients who cannot wear a conventional hearing aid, eg: patients with an occluded ear canal, recurrent ear canal infections, or microtia.

Vibrant sound bridge

The vibrant sound bridge is a successful middle ear implant system designed for individuals with moderate to severe hearing losses. It consists of an external speech processor and an internally positioned implant. The speech processor can be discreetly concealed under the user’s hair. Sound picked up by the microphone are transmitted to the implant. The implant, in turn sends these signals to the FMT (floating mass transducer). The FMT changes the electrical signals to mechanical vibrations. These vibrations stimulate the middle ear structures and conduct the sound to the inner ear and brain.