Cochlear Implant


  • You will stay in hospital overnight, and usually be discharged the next morning. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours, and you will need 1-2 weeks off work.
  • Access for surgery through an incision behind the ear that is closed with dissolvable sutures that do not need to be removed. Steristrips cover the wound that usually peel off in 1-2 weeks. If not they will be removed at the first postoperative appointment.
  • A firm head bandage is placed at the completion of surgery and is removed the next morning. This is to reduce any potential swelling or bruising.
  • There will be mild pain at the operative site which can usually be managed with simple analgesia (paracetamol or codeine). The wound should be kept dry for 1 week postoperatively. After that you may carefully wash your hair.
  • After the procedure it is good to do gentle walking and daily activities. You may experience dizziness, tinnitus and unusual sounds in the first 1-2 weeks. Strenuous activity, straining, bending over and nose blowing should be avoided to reduce the risk of postoperative complications and bleeding.
  • It is normal to have mild redness associated with a new wound that is healing.
  • If you have severe pain or dizziness, significant swelling or redness, or an offensive smelling discharge please contact me.
  • The first postoperative appointment is usually 2 weeks post-surgery. After that time, an appointment with audiology will be made for switch on of the cochlear implant.
  • If you have any concerns postoperatively, please contact me through the rooms