Removal of Cholesteatoma via Modified Radical Mastoidectomy

Modified radical mastoidectomy, also known as canal wall down (CWD) mastoidectomy, is a surgical procedure which involves removal of the posterior (back) wall of the ear canal to create a common cavity for the mastoid and ear canal.

Cholesteatoma is an abnormal growth of skin in the middle ear behind the eardrum. Layers of old skin build up inside the ear in a pocket which overtime increases in size and damages the ossicles of the middle ear. The ossicles refer to the tiny bones which transmit and amplify external sound to the inner ear. Enlargement of this pocket may cause; hearing loss, recurrent infection, foul smelling discharge, balance disturbance and facial paralysis.

Modified radical mastoidectomy is most often indicated when the cholesteatoma cannot be removed satisfactorily with a combined approach tympanoplasty or there is an inner ear complication such as an abnormal opening into the semicircular canals (balance organ) of the inner ear