Dr Joanna Walton

Dr Joanna Walton

Dr Joanna Walton is a fellowship trained ear nose and throat surgeon. She specialises in disorders of the ear, and the surgical correction of hearing loss including cochlear implantation and other hearing implants. She also specialises in the management of paediatric ear nose and throat disorders.

Dr Walton graduated with honours from the University of New South Wales Medical program in 1998. She completed surgical training in ear nose and throat surgery and also a Masters of Surgery at the University of Sydney.

Dr Walton completed further training in ear and hearing implantation surgery at the prestigious Otology and Skull Base unit in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This is a highly competitive international fellowship that has a history of training Australia’s best ear surgeons.

Throughout her career Dr Walton has been dedicated to high quality academic research and has published many articles in world renowned, peer reviewed journals. She has spoken at numerous national and international conferences in her areas of expertise.


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Science (Medicine) (UNSW)

Master of Surgery (University of Sydney)

Fellow of the Royal Australasian college of Surgeons (Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck surgery)


Young Scientist Award for research on Cochlear implants and MRI at the 9th Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implant and Related Sciences, Hyderabad India November 2013

John Lowenthal Medal for Master of Surgery, University of Sydney Dissertation: Predicting cochlear implant outcomes in children with auditory neuropathy

Award for the best research paper presented at the 6th Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implant and Related Sciences

Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation Scholarship for research in otology

Australian Youth Ambassador Award; Australian government scholarship to work as a youth ambassador in Hanoi Vietnam


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Joanna grew up in a family dedicated to public service. Her mother was a social worker and her father a teacher of children with disability. She knew at a young age that she wanted to be a doctor and improve health outcomes for children, adults, and the underprivileged. She has travelled extensively in the developing world and lived and worked in Vietnam as an Australian Youth Ambassador. She is committed to improving the health of our aboriginal population, especially in the chronic problem of childhood ear disease.

Dr Walton is married and has 2 children.